United Airlines Flights Reservations: One Question You Don’t Want To Ask Anymore

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I recently reserved a ticket using United atmosphere and bought their Trip Flex believing that when my travel plans altered I’d find a refund. WRONG!

They all do is issue a travel voucher for a future trip minus several fees they state are unrefundable.

You aren’t advised this before buying the Trip Flex, as a matter of fact that you don’t get an email describing the Trip Valve conditions. I won’t be using the travel coupon as I opt to use a respectable and secure airline, once you add in all the various fees you aren’t saving considerably with this poor excuse of an airline.

Reason of inspection: Trip Flex.

Preferred alternative: Complete refund.

United Air Cons: Trip bend is a tear off only travel voucher no refund.


Same happened to me personally. united airlines grounded flights . I’m outside 243.

Nothing like having a stroke and also not having the ability to go on holiday, spending 487 and just earning $ $243.

Buyer should be aware.

Be angry at yourself for not exploring.

I concur. Just went through something similar.

Voucher is 12 months from reserving to excursion or cancellation, therefore 12 weeks is really just 9.

I’ve flown United very frequently and never had an issue. If you browse the FLEX information supplied when making your reservations, you may observe what they did is exactly what they say in that info.

I’m flying where United doesn’t flyso that I needed to accept United Airlines. Speaking about costly add ons, theirs are dreadful.

United is a really racist company and integrates ghetto rules when conducting their airline, specifically what they could get off with they can perform. Someday they’ll get sued by somebody they twist over.Ordinary men and women aren’t utilized to some business (especially a airline) that hides ambiguous policies, occasionally exceptionally vague rules and regulations, even should they have a opportunity to produce an additional 50cents or occasionally simply to demonstrate just how much their ghetto *** is accountable for

Its your own fault for expecting first course therapy for affordable fares.

In fact, it states directly from the terms and terms you will find a credit voucher minus carrier charges (that are generally $13). I’m studying from the website below.

It’s not a terrible thing. You overlook ‘t get your money back but you do receive a credit to get a year of traveling for the buck amount minus $13. Quotation:"Otherwise, charge is supplied without carrier fees, booking fees, and cancellation charges, except for cancellation charges don’t apply whether Trip Flex was bought (the total paid for Trip Flex itself is non-refundable).

Any imputed funds will be implemented as a non refundable, non-transferable credit voucher great for future travel on United Air. All traveling involving charge voucher funds in the specified destination number has to be finished no more than 365 days in the initial booking date beneath the itinerary amount. "

We’re quite happy with a recent encounter with United Air. Following our boy unexpectantly ended up in ER hours prior to our flight left United supplied us with a coupon to fly for 90 percent of our initial ticket prices plus we didn’t purchase flex.

I also was duped into purchasing excursion bend but was advised yesterday my $ couldn’t be refunded and might just function as a voucher. They snare you into needing to used their own airline.

How can I get my cash back legitimately?

The sentence about refund or credit induced me to believe I might find a refund when we needed to cancel. Unfortunately we had to cancel and I visit the ticket isn’t transferable.

Oh well, another $267 gone that is bad.

I’ve needed to utilize TripFlex several times due to my kids getting sick when visiting family throughout the nation. The TripFlex let us to alter our flight dates together with the sole charge being when the new ticket cost was more costly than the first.

Ya they’re el cheapos and outside to catch every cent they could enjoy most airlines.

I dont receive the insurance since the ticketts are so inexpensive I simply forfeit the fare if something comes up. A true deal if you dont mind the dangers.

I dont. Have flown together several times and will keep doing so.

No choice NOT to shoot it. Bull!

Yes there is, you click I have read about excursion bend and decide to decline it. Most people simply never totally read the particulars.

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